Monday, May 24, 2010

MS - A New MS Perspective

I was thinking about my life with MS yesterday as I watched my husband working solo in the yard, while I sat in the garden house caught in an exhaustion moment, and held back my pain of not being able to jump to him and help. Now, dizziness, lack of balance and overheating issues are part of my day-to-day and I have to respect these moments. My doctor calls it 'pacing.' I call it 'painful'.

Years ago, I loved to get my 'hands dirty' and would have been a leading team player with him: raking and weeding, digging and trimming in sun, rain, heat or chill. Loving the land.

Multiple Sclerosis: The slow moving weed that I'd love to pull out of my body.

I pulled back my tears. Closed my eyes for a moment or two, and forced myself to sit up and exhale. I then turned to the gameboard to find another piece of my neverending jigsaw puzzle, fitted it in place, and made a point of noting to think about this MS-thing later.