Friday, August 24, 2012

A miracle drug?

I am now taking a new medication - Ampyra. This is supposed to help improve my walking gait and speed. I see glimmers of success, but I'm still clumsy with my stride. It is frustrating to know that 10 years ago, I would walk for 5 miles without tripping over myself. Yet today, I consider myself lucky to make it through the parking lot without using my cane. I have dreams where I still run and jump and walk, but I wake up and realize that it's another day of making sure my balance is set correctly, and that I take my time walking through doorways and crowds so I don't lose my step and fall.

Yes, there are days when I feel bad for me. Then, I realize that I'm still able to walk with a cane, and sometimes without. I should consider myself lucky, right? (Long pause) No, I consider this illness a bitch, and I'm proud of myself for working with it's limitations. Lucky? Hell no.

Let the stem cell research help mend those of us remembering when walking was a natural action.

Stay strong!