Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ahoy Mates!

We decided to do our annual trip (me, Tony and Anneke) to Provincetown on the Boston Harbor Cruise ferry two weeks ago Saturday. Little did we know that one of the ships that left at the same time would end up smacking into a very small island (200 sq ft) - no one hurt. Fortunately, all went smoothly for us. Only an hour delay, and the day was fabulous!

We brought my 'transport chair' to give me some speed and keep all of us moving around town with no delays. Stopped first for a great lunch at Pepe's on the harbor - great harbor view! Anneke and Tony went down to walk the beach before lunch, while I chatted with a couple from Atlanta who had a beautiful golden retriever with them.

After a delicious lunch, we proceeded to walk (and ride) up and down the main road, stopping at all the great shops along the way. What is great about the chair is that it takes the stress out of 'getting around'. Once I reach a place I want to investigate, I step out of the chair and pull my fold-up cane out of my knapsack to keep me steady, and I'm off! Kind of like the magic of Mary Poppins in a sack;-)

Later that day, we had a great cruise back to Boston, and took time to stop at the RoseKennedy Greenway outside of the harbor area to see the open fountains and watch the kids jumping around the spouts to avoid getting wet:-)

Anneke joined the group and got surprised by one water spout. I considered going through with the chair, but didn't know if the gears would get rusty, so I stayed on dry ground.

It was a funny, crazy day!

Enjoy the unexpected!