Wednesday, February 13, 2013

MS - The beginning I didn't believe (Part 2)

So, I ran away.

With a confirming note from the doctor in hand, I went in to my office, and let them know about my blindness in one eye, and that I needed to take a month of rest. Support for my condition came from all sides.

I gathered my things, and happily left the building.

I went back to my apartment and cried and walked and cried. After a day of feeling sorry for myself, and using way too many Kleenex, I shook the tears from my face and took action. For three days I exercised like a caged mouse on an exercise wheel. I went to the park and lay in the sun. I ate fruit and veggies. I danced in my Living Room. Alone. I called friends and family. I listened to Yes. I thought somehow, these random acts would change reality. But, they didn't.

So, I called my English beau, booked a flight to England, and shook in my sandles while waiting for the next shoe to drop.

After one week of waiting, the day finally arrived!

I stepped onto the plane and flew to England - a country I had only seen from the air in prior years. I landed in Gatwick, and was greated by my English love. I enjoyed a wonderful warm, relaxing and sunny vacation. I walked through the gentle countryside, visited museums in Bath, Bristol and London. Ate English lunches of cheese, onions and beer, and sweetened my perspective with late afternoon treats of strawberry scones and whipped cream, washed down with a pot of tea. We walked among the stones at Stonehenge (before security was an issue), rode in double-decker buses, and rode on motorcycles down the East coast of England. It was wonderful! All the while, I kept the patch on my eye. No peeking, except for the evenings when all was dark.

I then called my Grandmother in Germany to let her know the state of my health. She asked me to come to Germany and have some of her Homeopathic doctors take a look at my condition. I wished I could have extended my stay in England, but work-day reality intervened, the time was right, and my condition was stable. So I bid my beau goodbye and hopped on a plane to Germany.

I ran away again.

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