Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Washing the 'souls' of my feet...

I was in the shower yesterday, and wondered how to wash my feet. It was a 'bad day' for balance. So, I positioned myself against the shower wall. I had to wash my soles. I had been in the garden with sandals, and knew they were stained brown from the dirt. But how to do this? I couldn't balance. Couldn't reach down and lift my leg. I remembered the days when none of this was an issue. I remember the ease of lifting my beautiful legs to make sure my feet and toes were clean and shiny. So I threw my plastic scrubby on the floor of the shower, stepped on one side with one foot, and rubbed the other foot across the top of the free side of the scrubby. Repeat with other foot.

Mission accomplished?

Easier said than done.

Just keep on keepin' on...

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