Friday, August 30, 2013

MS - Reality, Denial and Life Continues (Part 5)

I guess I was running away again. When I asked about how the MRI brain scan looked, the doctor said, "Your brain looks older than it should." My return comment with a wink was, "That's because I'm so wise." And I didn't think about it again.

My life went forward. I loved the "hot potatoes" I had to catch at work everyday. I had reached a Manager position in the Telecommunications Start-Up firm I joined, responsible for resolving urgent customer issues, and overseeing the Documentation Dept. I was at work before 8:00 AM and spent many nights watching over the corporate System Backup process with the Engineers until 2 AM. As far as I was concerned, it was insanely, wonderfully crazy. I was learning so much, meeting so many different groups of people, traveling to client sites, staying energized with the small and large successes that were created and delivered as a result of the work I was doing with my teams. They were a wonderful, diverse group of very smart Engineers and Writers, and charged me up with the 'magic' they were able to create and deliver! It remains a very happy period of my life.

My personal life was also changing. The relationship with my boyfriend continued to flourish, so we decided to make the move towards a more serious commitment. He moved into my condo - we could share expenses and save money. He was also a gardener at heart, and loved to work with me on expanding the beauty of the condo property. Since the condo used to be an old farmhouse, we were lucky to have a small amount of condo-owners and a large private yard. We planted trees, roses, perennials, annuals, and he even created a space for the vegetable garden I had dreamed of. The happy times continued.

My MS-like conditions continued to stay quiet, so I believed all was good with my future health. It was 1994. There were clouds looming on the horizon that I couldn't see.

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